ספגו את האמת הזו.

אולי אחד מהסיפורים האלו בלט לכם. או אולי הסיפור שלכם עם לחץ שונה לגמרי. אבל לא משנה עם איזו מלחמה עם חרדות אתם מתמודדים, אותו רוח שהקים את המשיח מהמתים חי בתוככם. והוא לא נתן לכם רוח של פחד. זה… Read More ›

You Can Know The Truth!

Life is about finding meaning and direction. Seeking these would require us to seek what is true. The world is inundated with lies and misdirections. Start seeking through the only source whose absolutes are Truth.

Day After…..Easter

Each year we proclaim the joyous celebration of the resurrection. One day out of a whole year we flamboyantly sing and praise the realization that Jesus has risen.

Authentic Faith

The book of Acts says that when the Holy Spirit came in power to Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost, more than 3,000 Jews believed Peter’s gospel message.


When we are dealing with such an in-depth topic of the human condition, I believe that the subject matter itself outweighs a simple approach to this subject. We must be careful that what is being said supports the topic clearly. There is no easy approach to looking at what makes us human.