Platonism and Existentialism

We’ve been suggesting that the obvious truth of morality might provide evidence for God’s existence, as well as reason to think that this obvious truth depends ultimately on God. At first glance, such a claim might seem implausible, if not… Read More ›

The God who Reveals

I find this topic intriguing because as Christians our very existence reveals God in His creation. It goes to Genesis 1:26, that we are created in His image and likeness and we are endowed with the moral attributes to discern… Read More ›

Truth Revealed – 1 JOHN

John wants everybody who reads his letter to know they have eternal life in Jesus—and specifically life in Jesus’ bloody death (1 John 5:13). But this is offensive to several false teachers. They claim they’re eyewitnesses to a more “spiritual… Read More ›

Day After…..Easter

Each year we proclaim the joyous celebration of the resurrection. One day out of a whole year we flamboyantly sing and praise the realization that Jesus has risen.