Do we have to choose between reason and faith?

belief is seen as something mystical, existential, and defying rational boundaries or requirements. For the Christian in such a context, thinking, theology, and reasoning can be seen as unnecessary distractions to “simple” or “pure” faith.


You may not worship false idols made out of wood and stone. You may not serve or worship a man-made statue. You may not serve a visible image. But what you might be serving is hidden deep within the walls of your heart. Let Christ search your heart. He knows the depths of your heart and the intimate parts of your soul. 

He Laid Down His Life…For Us.

Christ willingly laid down His life for us. He willingly died just for you. He offered His life as a living selfless sacrifice. He loved us so much, that He willingly surrendered His life as a sacrifice for all who would receive Him. Christ was willing to pour out His life as an obedient sacrifice so that you and I can live.


let God’s Word lead your path. Let His Word transform your heart. Let His Word transform your way of doing things. His Word is not just for Sunday. When you are fed the Word of God, it is meant to be carried out and executed every day and in every area of your life — even in the dark places.