Can You Believe This?- A Slice of Infinity – RZIM

Life after death, on its own, does not bring hope. Forgiveness brings hope. Christ brings hope. And I believe, because I was there to see it, that Christ can be found with a simple heartfelt prayer.


Physical battles involve spiritual ones, and it works in the opposite as well. We must recognize that it is only the Gospel and the sight of Jesus in his saving grace that can give us faith and genuine obedience. Command and threats are part of Scripture, and we need to acknowledge them, and when we do so, we will more deeply feel our need for Jesus Christ, but commands and threats, even when nicely issued as helpful suggestions, cannot fill our sails with faith, hope, and love. Apart from the Gospel, the law is the most terrible burden and can lead us to either despair or the delusion of self-righteousness.

Whom Having Not Seen.

Love is not a feeling, love is the foundation of faith. Do you love God? Do you love Him with all of your heart? Do you choose to love and treasure Christ over the things of this world? Worship is a choice. Who you choose to worship is a choice. Your heart can either worship God or the gods of this world. 


THE omniscience of God is usually considered a fundamental doctrine of natural religion. Nobody denies it. Infidelity in this department is acted, not spoken. Speculative unbelievers are wont, in a free and easy way, to set down at least a very large proportion of the existing Christian profession to the credit of hypocrisy.

His Word Is Alive.

Choose to declare the Word of God over your life. Declare His Word in every area of your life. Declare His Word in every season of your life. His Word is powerful. His Word is active. His Word is energizing.




What man could not provide, God Himself has provided. It is to these actions and revelations of our sovereign God, and we look towards in all His promises.
That when Christ returns, we would have achieved all that God had predestined for us.


What do you value more than God? Does your wealth sit higher than God? Do you value your influence with man more than your relationship with God? Choose to turn from overvaluing your Earthly treasures and surrender to God.