محبة الذات يجب ألا تعيق المحبة الحقيقية

محبة الذات ليست فقط تمنع المحبة الحقيقية لكنها أيضًا تدمرها. ما هو الشيء المستحوذ على الذات. الذات. الخوف. عدم الإيمان. عدم الثقة. أفكار متضاربة. مشاعر متضاربة. شهوات ورغبات مرتكزة حول الذات غير تقية. غضب. جرح…جرح عميق. عواطف وذكريات تطاردنا. كذب…. Read More ›


Iman menyebabkan anak panah yang berapi untuk berdesis. Apakah yang Allah minta anda lakukan? Lakukannya! Berdasarkan Iman.


Don’t you just wish sometimes that life had an instruction manual? Well, actually God has given us one. It’s called The Bible; it’s our guide and source as we follow Jesus.


Physical battles involve spiritual ones, and it works in the opposite as well. We must recognize that it is only the Gospel and the sight of Jesus in his saving grace that can give us faith and genuine obedience. Command and threats are part of Scripture, and we need to acknowledge them, and when we do so, we will more deeply feel our need for Jesus Christ, but commands and threats, even when nicely issued as helpful suggestions, cannot fill our sails with faith, hope, and love. Apart from the Gospel, the law is the most terrible burden and can lead us to either despair or the delusion of self-righteousness.

Freedom from Our Flesh

Do you ever feel like you can’t help but do the wrong thing, like you are powerless to change? In reality, we are powerless to change. When Paul talks about living according to the flesh, he is talking about the human condition. We were all born into a life of sin, in a fallen world.

The Double Minded.

Double mindedness is a choice. You choose. When you choose Christ, you’re establishing a generational pattern of freedom. When you choose to serve the gods and idols of this world, you’re establishing a pattern of generational bondage. You choose. 

His Word Is Alive.

Choose to declare the Word of God over your life. Declare His Word in every area of your life. Declare His Word in every season of your life. His Word is powerful. His Word is active. His Word is energizing.