Platonism and Existentialism

We’ve been suggesting that the obvious truth of morality might provide evidence for God’s existence, as well as reason to think that this obvious truth depends ultimately on God. At first glance, such a claim might seem implausible, if not… Read More ›


Both philosophy and religion are widely used concepts, yet defining them accurately can be challenging due to the wide range of meanings that each has acquired over time. Because religion is a derivative of an ancient Latin phrase that referred… Read More ›

Islam and Post Modernism

Contrary to this post-modern belief that words are worn-out and over and over again inverted from their original meaning, the perceptions and conceptual words are containers of ‘higher’ and more ‘original’ meanings to which man responds with the flexibility to an objective and higher truth. If meaning vanishes as manifested by the modern ‘diversification’ of meanings and various post-structural theories, this world is on the brink of yielding to purposelessness.


The planet is silent of bloodshed. Are we silenced in our self-righteousness, arrogance, impudence, impertinence, and defiance as humanity is humbled to the state of individuality and separated from other fellow humans, reduced to a state of being alone?


Согласно  Псалму 14:1-3, нет никого, кто понимает или ищет Бога. Влияние греха в сердце человека заставляет их думать, что внутри них все еще есть что-то, склонное искать Господа, но болезненная истина заключается в том, что наши сердца искажаются только в поисках поклонения для нашей славы. Это верно во всех сферах жизни, включая (и, возможно, значительно) поклонение.


We live within these confines that we do not realize that society dictates everything around us, including the moral standard that we live in. We have dehumanized our intrinsic purpose and destiny until it has eliminated out of our very existence. We do not even realize that it has washed away from our conscious and subconscious mind and that we have succumbed to humanity’s God-like dictatorship over us.