Gospel of John

Jesus and the Baptist continued ministry JOHN 3:22-24

Therefore, this is the reason for the statement and not the self-evident fact that the Baptist’s work ceased when he was cast into prison. That also is why John has the article: had been cast “into the prison,” referring his readers to this famous prison and the Baptist’s confinement there, which they knew of the other evangelists.

Evil Lurks in the Darkness. JOHN 3:20-21

Beware for Evil Lurks in the Darkness of our soul. We are inherently drawn toward the world and its enticements and we are easily fooled into its traps. Forge a relationship with God through his word and allow ourselves to be immersed in his glory and the power of the Holy Spirit will empower us to bring us to the cross and our saviour, Jesus Christ.

Are we condemned or yet to be Saved. JOHN 3:18

We live in a broken world. A broken world before Christ came and it was because of its condemnation, that Christ came to bring salvation. We have already been condemned and only now, we have a choice to seek salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. So, are we condemned or yet to be Saved?

To Believe, Believing and Belief. JOHN 3:15

There is a stark difference between allowing our beliefs to be governed by our choices and reasoning. God has revealed the one true path to salvation. Not by our works but by the power of the conviction in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. To Believe, Believing and Belief must be set within the foundations of God’s absolutes.