Understanding the Signs

Logic dictates that humanity would be able to see the revelation in Jesus Christ. However, humanity has sought to detach itself from any accountability towards any divine point of reference. Worldviews that have developed over the millennium has been a… Read More ›

Appeal to Intellect

One of the more difficult aspects of sharing our faith is when we know someone who won’t believe in God because they can’t see Him. In fact, many highly intelligent people struggle with putting their faith in something they can’t… Read More ›


Iman menyebabkan anak panah yang berapi untuk berdesis. Apakah yang Allah minta anda lakukan? Lakukannya! Berdasarkan Iman.

Life worth Living.

Finding meaning in our journey through life, calls for our need to establish a foundation that provides meaning and a framework that equal and fair to all.


Don’t you just wish sometimes that life had an instruction manual? Well, actually God has given us one. It’s called The Bible; it’s our guide and source as we follow Jesus.