Surviving the Wait With Courage

Continued delays can be disheartening, especially when circumstances don’t go your way or your burdens become too heavy to carry. Most likely, you’ve experienced heartbreaking occasions before—devastating disappointments that have robbed you of the last of your strength and resolve…. Read More ›

Directing Our Focus to God

Do you know who it is you’re waiting for? Someone may say, “I’m hoping for an employer to notice my resume.” Another person might add, “I’m waiting for a spouse,” or, “I’m anticipating having a child.” We tend to focus on the object of… Read More ›

How Long, O Lord?

No one likes delays. And nothing diminishes the pain we feel as the days pass and we continue to struggle with our hopes and fears. Whether it’s the hours that throw off our plans, the days and weeks that cause… Read More ›

The “Nevers” of Life

Never. It’s the word that can stir the deepest fear in the bravest heart.  “I’ll never find a job.” “This will never get better.” “I’ll never get married.” “I’ll never have the child I long for.” “He’ll never come home… Read More ›

Grace and Truth 

We live in a world of individual classrooms, because we get to be taught by the experiences of others. Some of us have endured traumatic events in our lives and because of God’s grace, we have survived, been redeemed, and… Read More ›

Show Empathy  

Most people have heard of the word sympathy. Simply put, sympathy is when we have common feelings of sadness or pity for and with someone else. Empathy has similar beginnings as sympathy, but it’s quite different. While sympathy suggests that you share the feelings of someone else… Read More ›

Be Respectful 

To show respect to someone means that we esteem them. Even if we don’t agree with someone’s stance, we can still treat them respectfully. It’s not about feeling respect for them, but showing it to them. If you want to learn how to show… Read More ›