We cannot assume to undertake the course of proclaiming God’s word without fully comprehending the subject’s immensity when we have to deal with the issue ourselves or have friends and family members facing these challenges.



Created To Worship Christ

Your gifts, talents and abilities were placed inside of you by God for His Pleasure and Delight, and through your submission and obedience, every gift and aspect of your life was created to give Christ Glory. 

He Laid Down His Life…For Us.

Christ willingly laid down His life for us. He willingly died just for you. He offered His life as a living selfless sacrifice. He loved us so much, that He willingly surrendered His life as a sacrifice for all who would receive Him. Christ was willing to pour out His life as an obedient sacrifice so that you and I can live.


Today, religious leaders easily perpetuate their flocks on the dependency on the marketplace for its popular culture position. By no means are we advocating pessimism because God’s common grace can still experience grand proclamations for justice, civic virtue, and artistic beauty?