Behold The Man

Wish or Want of our Spirit

When we see Jesus Christ, we want to be what He wants us to be. A wish is more definite than w want, which is articulate, something we should wish as more definite, than a want which is inarticulate. A consciousness without action. How we ‘Wish or Want of our Spirit’ starts by understanding our objective focus.

Disciplining of our Will

Beware of thinking of will as a faculty. Will simply means the whole nature of ‘self,’ active. We talk of people having a weak will or a strong will, it is a misleading idea. The Disciplining of our Will leads us towards the empowerment of our desires in seeking Christ in our life. Unless we are awakened to that desire, our will only mislead us.

Our Divisions in Thinking

The eye records exactly what it looks at, and our conscience may be called the eye of our soul. A ‘single eye’ is essential to correct understanding spiritually. If the spirit is illuminated by a conscience which has been rightly adjusted, then, says Jesus, the whole body is full of light. Don’t allow Our Divisions in Thinking to make the wrong choices in life.

The Depository of our Thoughts

We have to lay up treasures for ourselves, it is not laid up for us; and we have to lay them up in heaven, not on earth. Where we seek these treasures and determine where we have the Depository of our Thoughts. They must be in the mind of Christ, who laid his thoughts on the Father in heaven.

Our Dependence on Christ

It is the discipline of a lifetime and we cannot do it all at once. We are absolutely dependent, and yet, strange to say, the last thing we learn spiritually is to make nothing of ourselves. Our Dependence on Christ changes who, what and why we are, which is for the glory of God.

The Mind of Christ

Are we capable to become like Christ? It begins in our minds. How we objectively anchor our lives in him and our very physical body transforms and our souls mould into the mirror of his life. Without the Spirit of God, we cannot envelop the Spirit of Christ. It begins through the Mind of Christ.

The Beauty of God

Beauty is a creation from God of which we can only see from our heart ‘through’ our eyes. Not ‘with’ but through it. It is only felt when we allow our senses to envelop it completely. For in all creation is created by God and appreciated only when our hearts and souls are united with our creator. We are witnesses to the wonder and glory of God and his Creation. We ourselves are part of that Creation. That is the Beauty of Go