The Psalm says God counts each of David’s tears, catching them in a bottle. God sees and empathizes with David’s pain. 

His name shall be called Wonderful. – C.H. SPURGEON

He is wonderful for WHAT HE IS IN THE PRESENT. And here I will not diverge, but will just appeal to you personally. Is he wonderful to you? Let me tell the story of my own wonderment at Christ, and in telling it, I shall be telling the experience of all God’s children. There was a time when I wondered not at Christ.

FACING SIN – Psalm 32

How often do we feel this pressure building inside of us, but we’re afraid to confront the sin that’s causing it? We keep on denying it to God, others, and even ourselves. Maybe you don’t want to acknowledge your sin to God because you feel you’ve messed up one too many times.