Behold The Man

Nietzsche Struggles!

In several cases, Nietzsche termed himself a ‘psychologist’ instead of a ‘philosopher.’ What he meant has nothing to do with any behavioral science in the physical sciences. In the first section, Human, All Too Human, he utilizes the metaphor of… Read More ›

Nietzsche Within

It’s pointless to try to categorize Nietzsche’s ideas into standard philosophical categories like idealism or materialism, rationality or irrationalism. He is sometimes lumped in with the group of philosophers known as “existentialists.” This is an arbitrary and, in some ways,… Read More ›

Seeking Tolerance in a Intolerant World

World gone mad or have we gone mad. The world has not changed. The sun continues to rise and set. Humanity is still as depraved and self righteous as before. The human heart and soul is the constant as the sun rises and sets. Don’t fool yourself to think otherwise

Finding meaning in the Moral Absolute

The significance of the Cross can only be exemplified by understanding the Old
Testament. It reveals how humanity since creation has floundered and stumbled, incapable of seeing the Truth, revealed through God’s covenants and spiritual presence. Eden; God physical presence, through his covenant with Noah, Abraham, Isaac, through the Arc of the Covenant, His temple, his voice through the prophets, judges and kings. God has revealed his unending grace, love, patience and compassion.

Jawapan Allah kepada Kekalahan

Anda memerlukan orang lain untuk membela anda, mempertahankan anda dan melindungi anda, membantu anda kekal pada jalan yang betul, dan mengingatkan anda. Kita semua memerlukan ini, kerana kita semua mempunyai kelemahan. Jawapan Allah kepada Kekalahan


To focus on Jesus’ teaching while making the cross peripheral reduces the glorious good news of the gospel to mere religion, the joy of forgiveness to mere ethical conformity, the highest motives for obedience to mere duty, and the result is disastrous.