Behold The Man

Governed by our Choices

Our life is dominated by choices. Everything we do is dictated by our free will to select what we want to plan, say, and do.

Seeking the Holy Spirit

Only when our Body, soul and Spirit are renewed and continuously renewed. can we walk upright and be empowered by the Holy Spirit. The journey is long and strenuous and the only battle we face is ourselves.

Living as God’s children

When God created this world, he made everything good and He made us ‘very good.’ There is much good in this world and many people live moral and ethical lives. The inherent sin of their conscience is their burden in life and unless we reveal the saving grace of Jesus, we too bear that selfishness inherent in us.

Things of Loveliness and Good Report

All things lead us back to Jesus Christ – He is the Truth; He is the Honourable One; He is the Just One; He is the Pure One; He is altogether the Lovely One. He is the One to whom we look as our guide and example to mirror in our life. All Things of Loveliness and Good report are in Jesus Christ.

Your ownership of Self, for whose Glory

The instinct of ownership is seen from the first of life to the end of life. It is the only discipline of life that teaches us to treasure things. It is a good thing but never allows our disposition to be expressed to lead us astray. Never allow Your ownership of Self, for whose Glory be sidetracked along the disposition of your autonomous freedoms.

Our Wish to do What?

The will to….Means I must act….it is not sufficient to want to, to wish to, I must act on the wish instantly, no matter what it cost. Our choices must be anchored in God so we know Our Wish to What?

Wish or Want of our Spirit

When we see Jesus Christ, we want to be what He wants us to be. A wish is more definite than w want, which is articulate, something we should wish as more definite, than a want which is inarticulate. A consciousness without action. How we ‘Wish or Want of our Spirit’ starts by understanding our objective focus.

Disciplining of our Will

Beware of thinking of will as a faculty. Will simply means the whole nature of ‘self,’ active. We talk of people having a weak will or a strong will, it is a misleading idea. The Disciplining of our Will leads us towards the empowerment of our desires in seeking Christ in our life. Unless we are awakened to that desire, our will only mislead us.

Our Divisions in Thinking

The eye records exactly what it looks at, and our conscience may be called the eye of our soul. A ‘single eye’ is essential to correct understanding spiritually. If the spirit is illuminated by a conscience which has been rightly adjusted, then, says Jesus, the whole body is full of light. Don’t allow Our Divisions in Thinking to make the wrong choices in life.