Reactions of our Personality

A Saint is a bundle of specially qualified reactions. For every possible circumstance in life there is a line of behavior marked out in advance for us; it is not stated in black and white, we have to be familiar with God;s Book that when we come to a crisis the Spirit of God brings back to out memory the things we had read but never understood, and we see what we should do.
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Expectations of the Heart.

If our hearts are not rightly related to Jesus Christ, danger and disillusionment are on our track wherever we go, because other lives are not being led to God, they stick to us, they cannot get further and they become drained of energy and vitality. However, when once our hearts are established in expectation of… Read More ›


Seeking the improbable based on our state may be impossible unless we realize that we have been given an opportunity to grasp the values which are part of our intrinsic value. Sin is our greatest enemy and our desire to seek fulfillment on our own. Through salvation by our faith, we have the choices to… Read More ›


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I Believe, Know and Love God. Really?

It is knowledge and the where we ground our knowledge that leads our reasoning and acceptance of Truths. Truth statements must be grounded in logic and comprehensible. The unknown is made known, and hence the reality of our existence becomes real

Platonism and Existentialism

We’ve been suggesting that the obvious truth of morality might provide evidence for God’s existence, as well as reason to think that this obvious truth depends ultimately on God. At first glance, such a claim might seem implausible, if not inconsistent. In particular, it might seem inconsistent to argue that moral truth is dependent on… Read More ›

“Evil, Pain, and Suffering”

We live in a world that experiences suffering. If we were to cast our eyes across the globe on any given day, we would see an immense amount of pain and suffering that is experienced by people in the world. Earthquakes on a regular basis around the globe, hurricanes, tsunamis, plane crashes, car wrecks, disease,… Read More ›

What is TRUTH??

Then you will know the truth,and the truth will set you free(John 8:32) The context of what Jesus was addressing to the Jewish believers speaks volumes to all Christians today, and another verse that brings the weight of that message comes from John 18:32 – “Pilate said to him (Jesus) “What is Truth?” The Gospel… Read More ›


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Only in my deepest despair, alone and aching in the agony of my own sins, did God reveal Himself. Dedicated my life to help me fellow citizens to find true meaning anchored in a divine absolute

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