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  • Habib ‘Umar’s “Prayers On The Beloved”

    As-salaamu ‘alaykum, The following salawat are from Habib ‘Umar’s Prayers on the Beloved. This book is a collection of 82 prayers, which follow an unique formula. Each prayer: Calls on Allah by one of His Most Beautiful Names Praises His Messenger ﷺ in a manner related… Read More ›

  • 1 SAMUEL 2:2

    Hannah prayer to the community proclaiming the glory and majesty of our Lord God in heaven through whom all things are made known. To whom all worship is given and through whom we are offered undeserving grace. Bow down and… Read More ›

  • MATTHEW 5:13

    MATTHEW 5:13
    Be all that is good in the eyes of God. Do all that is right and worthy of His glory. Do not waver and fall short. Be the salt of the earth that is useful and do not lose your way and fall short

  • HEBREWS 11:1

  • LOVE

    In Matthew 14, Jesus tells Peter to come to him. Peter gets out of the boat, starts walking, gets distracted by the wind, fear grips him, and he begins to sink. I wonder if the disciple John, who was later… Read More ›


    Don’t fool yourself into grandeous goals of social justice when you yourself are the problem. Clean up your own house. Build a moral foundation that gives you boundaries to your morality. Show others and build a community of people anchored… Read More ›

  • 5 Ways Satan is Manipulating You

    The greatest mistake you can make with evil is to underestimate its power and influence. While true evil will never be able to win over the Lord, it also isn’t powerless. The devil is active, and working to take hold over your entire life. Satan has many strongholds in the lives of average Christians. It’s harming them, wrecking their spiritual life, contaminating the life of their family and church. He uses that stronghold to war against God and His work. Jesus Himself even talked about Satan and discussed his power, and wanted us to recognize just how manipulating he can be


    Достаточно интересно, что у нас есть словесные взгляды, которые настолько тесно связаны, что может показаться, что человек удобно извлек свои фундаментальные базовые ценности из каждого из своих убеждений и придумал свои собственные концепции Творения, Цели, Смысла и Судьбы. Если мы выберем три наиболее тесно связанных мировоззрения, влияние которых во всем мире в современном мире продиктовало мировоззрение,


    Why is this particular subject monumental in dictating our fundamental beliefs in a transcendent divine entity? Many have asked if there is a God, then why does he allow suffering.