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Saved from the depths of this sinful world and reborn in Christ to bring His word to the Nations.




    The Christian view and alternative is that we are the products of a personal, loving creator, and that our lives, opportunities, and resources are gifts to us


    The reality of life is overwhelming and suffocating, till the point that everything seems pointless. We live within a spiral of choices and decisions that may or may not provide the lust of self pleasures. Pleasures that either sooth our souls or stimulate our flesh but either way are momentary and forgotten.


    Look towards the comfort of our Lord that gives reassurance to your soul. The world may challenge you but your faith keeps you safe. Never doubt the power of our creator and His purpose.


    We seek meaning in our life by looking outwardly, when the problem lies inwardly within ourselves. We blame the world around us and condemn its evil and suffering. We look to God and ask why. We look for all the answers in the wrong place.

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    Until we come to terms with our own demons, can we face the world. We need to seek to find a resolution with our own brokenness. Do not think you are perfect and able to be righteous


    Do not allow our choices that we have made in life be unsettling. Even choices that violate our moral essence will haunt you till eternity.


    “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.” Proverbs 4:7 (NKJV) God’s Word teaches wisdom Is the number one thing we should pursue in life – not human wisdom, but the wisdom that comes from God. So… Read More ›


    We continue to live in a delusion that we are the center of the universe and we live by our own determination of what the Universe means to us