Come listen to my sermon presented at the Cornerstone Baptist Church on 31 July 2022. A very interesting topic that reveals the message of God through the Apostle John. The unique element of this passage as it is anchored in the Old Testament book of Isaiah. Listen and hear God calling us to set aside our stubborn nature, as it is not God who hardens our hearts but us. Jesus offers us “From Darkness to Light by Faith,” within us

Any small contribution helps me bring His Word to many seeking answers. For the glory of God

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  1. beautiful sermon. Love the part on Hardening of our hearts.

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    • When we start to believe that God hardens man’s hearts, without realizing that it is the nature of man to harden their own hearts against anything that takes away their rights, we deceive ourselves into believing that can exist without any accountability.
      God does not harden man’s hearts outright into unbelieve but it is the Truth revealed that hardens their hearts. God already knows their hearts will be hardened.


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