Pray for Peace – not our Judgements

There are those who pray for a side in a conflict or make assumptions to the evil and suffering. They assume that those who act are wrong and hence face condemnation but those who act on both sides act under the authority of their leaders.

If given a choice how many would kill another, especially their own people bound by cultural, ethic and even religious beliefs. Then Christians around the world rise up in judgement against whoever they subjectively decide is right or wrong.

I say its wrong. Pray for peace. Pray for those who lead others to their deaths to be burdened by their selfish goals. No matter whatever the justification, killing is wrong. As Christains who have persevered through centuries of persecution and themselves the hand of persecution, should abide in the Grace and Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ and pray for peace and grace.

Peace, grace and love is the foundation of our faith that has been shown in His example on the cross. Rather than pray for more persecution by those you have judged yourself, let us pray for our Lord to set the hardened hearts of those who seek these actions to be filled with the Holy Spirit and convict them in their evil ways.

It is the loving Father in heaven and the righteous Son and the power of the Holy Spirit we seek to intercede and comfort those who are suffering and empower them to His will not matter what unfolds.

We ask this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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