The God who Reveals

I find this topic intriguing because as Christians our very existence reveals God in His creation. It goes to Genesis 1:26, that we are created in His image and likeness and we are endowed with the moral attributes to discern and act according to His created purpose. However, this purpose has been tainted by sin and has been our nature to disregard any authority over us. As the serpent alluded to if we ate the fruit. We would be god’s ourselves. 

Like any truth, we have covered it up with layers and layers of lies, until today any lie repeated enough times becomes our truth. 

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” – guess who said that. Joseph Gobbels. That statement is not shocking rather the reality as to how humanity would be gullible to see past the ‘truth’, to actually believe a lie. We all know the infamy in the name of Gobbels.

When we look at the OT, we see the continued revelation of YHWH, in different ways and actions. GOD is seen as selective in His revelation but it is the knowledge gained through his revelation that acts towards His purpose. Israel choose to have Moses intermediate on their behalf, a choice that is extended throughout the OT, as GOD reveals himself to only those who were to act on His behalf; again to fulfil his purpose. 

If God of the OT was in human form and walked amongst the Israelites, would the outcome be different? Yes, but would Israel know their sin and weakness as ‘man’-NO. GOD would have an influence on their objective choice that would force them rather than act in their free will. God cannot force us to love him. Why didn’t Moses just ask God to act on His own? Do it yourself. You are God, just go in and free them yourself. Would God be violating His own moral attributes by doing that? To force us to act and to worship Him in fear. Would that love be the agape love of GOD? GOD is perfect and would never violate our choice and unless we choose to love him and follow him, we have already been condemned.

Jesus Christ was that difference, whereby we see the Father sending His only Son, to reveal the nature of the Father, in His loving Grace. Jesus Christ came as GOD/man and revealed the nature of the Father who sent Him. He was the witness to the Father and His life and ministry is the testimony to the Father. The Father gave Him authority and it is through His death on the cross, that gave us salvation, and the Holy Spirit, sanctification. 

As GOD who sent the prophets in the OT, acted through them to reveal His will and maintain the covenant. To remind and warn, as well as prophecy, His message to His people. The GOD of the NT sends the Son as a personal intimate relationship to humanity, and a fulfilment of His promise in Gen 3:15 (proto-Evangelium). All prophecy in the OT is a reminder of GEN 3:15.

The ministry of Jesus, life, death and resurrection is by the will of the Father, which was in the beginning. It is the trilogy of the Trinity in the absoluteness of God that is revealed in the NT in God (The Father) who sends forth is the same as the God who saves (Jesus Christ) and the God who sanctifies (Holy Spirit)



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