Expectant Faith Overcomes Fear Every Time

There’s something about taking a risk where the thoughts enter your head: “What if it doesn’t work?” “What if I fail?” “What if they see through me?” “What if I mess it up?” “What if I drown?”  

We’ve all been there. When’s the last time you heard that little voice of doubt discouraging you to go for something because of not having what it takes?  It’s in those moments where you get a glimpse of what’s before you and the potential it has, but then you have a defeating thought enter your head.  This will become the pivotal point in how you handle going forward. 

On one hand, you can choose to give in to the defeat of all your “what ifs” and continue down the path you’re on, always wondering, always wishing you had taken that step towards action.  Or on the other hand, you can choose courage, which sounds so much more exciting; and you start down that path.  

You get to a place after you muster up the courage where you decide it doesn’t matter the size of the risk, but you’re IN! No matter what!  Because you know that even if you fail, you’ve given it your all and you tried! Even if you are discovered; you are discovered genuine. Even if you mess up; you could have another chance. And if you start to drown; the lifesaver may be thrown your direction. 

What seemed scary at first was from a place of fear and from the boat.  When you saw the size of the swell, but you remembered Jesus is with you; whether it’s in the boat, on the shore looking at the waves, or walking on water with him, you know you’ll be okay.  

The idea of walking on water seems like a lot more exciting than living from the shore or inside the boat, doesn’t it? 

But what about all those other “what ifs”?  We all have them.  

The idea of walking on water sounds great when it comes to “walking in faith” in terms of trusting God with your _____. (Fill in the blank: finances, relationship with your dad, boss and his negativity, in-laws brother 5 states away.) But what about the other areas you worry over at the same time? You know, the “not so easy to walk in faith” ones?  Your income situation? Your relationship that never seems to have peace? That nagging desire to ask for the raise or switch careers?  What about your brother’s habits or your own issues of control?   

When the “what ifs” and negative voices are non-stop, I’ve actually found that when you don’t glance a second time or allow that fear of “what if” to control you; their power over you lessens significantly.  When you don’t give weight to those worries, you can actually thrive even more, especially when we speak it out loud.  It doesn’t give the enemy anything to hold on to when you declare he will have no power over you, who you are, or the position you have as a child of God! You can walk in expectancy of the future and what’s in store simply because you know that you are a child of God, and He always works on your behalf for your good and your benefit!

So when you’re faced with a decision you need to make, be it the unknown or a thousand “what ifs”; you can run to a loving father who gives grace in time of need.  He also promises to give wisdom to those who ask.   And promises to never leave your side.  So even if you do fail. Even if you are seen for who you are. you totally mess it up, or even start to drown; Jesus WILL catch you each and every time.  

Once you understand God is for you; failure is part of the journey. It’s not always bad. Just think; there may be something that is around the corner that is just waiting for you to rise to the occasion! But, it takes going for it to see if you can, and even if you fail, you get back up and keep going.  If you don’t have the courage to face that fear though, you may not get to see what is to come. So, expect great things dear friend! 

Know Jesus already and you can be confident that He will work, and is already working, on your behalf. Come expectantly! He doesn’t expect you to be made-up or perfectly together, just come with a willing heart and the anticipation of what’s to come.


What fears or “what ifs” are you holding on to now that are keeping you from taking action on your future?  

Do you have dreams or hopes of something to come, but know you won’t ever get to see them come to fruition if you don’t rise to the occasion and seize the day?  

Consider taking that leap!  Speak out loud to your fears.  Today’s as good as any to rise to the occasion!  Let’s pray for some courage…


Lord, thank you for the way you continue to prompt our hearts when we truly long for something that’s in line with your will. Whether it be relational cohesion or a solution to a work related problem, or even some internal things we need to address within our own lives.  God, thank you for being a God who knows and a God who draws near in our times of need. God thank you for your promises to be with us, never leaving us in the midst of our storms.  God, thank you for your promise of hope and a future.  God, would you give me the courage to take a stand to pursue the things on my heart that are in line with your will even if I have a thousand “what ifs”? God, help me to claim my spot rightfully as your child. The enemy will have no power over me because I am a child of yours. I am loved. I am redeemed. I am your beloved. The other voices I hear are just attempts at scaring me out of my calling.  Lord, let me feel your presence overshadow any doubt I have. Lord, give me courage to stand.  Give me courage to act. God, let me walk forward trusting YOU with the outcome regardless of the situation I’m in. You are sovereign and I’m thankful I can rest knowing you ultimately are in control. I give you my hopes, my dreams, my fears and doubts; and I ask you to replace them with more thoughts of you and your love and courage. In Jesus name. Amen

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