Stay In The Story

It’s funny how the times I want to give up the most, the road starts to make way towards an obvious turn.  And so I usually think “if I can muster the strength to hang on, I’ll get to see what’s beyond that turn!” 

There’s numerous times I’ve wanted to let go for the sake of taking the “comfortable” route. Perhaps you, like me, think “this is too hard! I can’t do this!” more often than not. But, if we can just cling a little tighter to Jesus, I am convinced the ride and sights will be totally worth it! 

We hear a lot of times about faith being a journey, and how life is not about the destination but the journey we’re on or who we become in the process of the journey.  Well, it’s in those times where you’ve wanted to give up that you can choose to “stay in the story” and see what God has for you where I believe you will get to see rays of light and glimmers of hope that will beckon you forward.  It’s in these times where I’m reminded to keep pressing in and to keep moving forward because He IS truly working

Remember though, in those times the enemy wanted us to throw in the towel, to not trust, or frankly just give up; it’s those times where we have the chance of coming to the other side and seeing ALL the beautiful work God has done in the process. 

BUT, you have to get there! 

Thank God tunnels only last so long! Pretty sure no one would ever make the drive through the aspens if the entire route was a tunnel and we couldn’t admire the leaves changing or taking different colors on! What a sight we’d miss!!!

When you’re in that tunnel of darkness, similar to a drive through the mountains, you keep at it because you know there will be light and an end at some point of the drive, right?  As with life, when it feels like you’re in a tunnel and haven’t seen even a glimpse of light; keep going! Stay the course! Stay in the story and fight for the end; even if it’s short term. 

You know the tunnel you’re in and where to keep fighting…

Maybe it’s in passing your boards? Or graduating with your MA? Making every radiation treatment to get to walk out the other side? Maybe it’s the day you go all day without the urge towards that drink or pill? Or the night you finally don’t look up the images! Perhaps it’s the day you get to reflect on the joy you experienced after months of brokenness. Maybe it’s solving an ongoing argument in the family, or the anniversary you dreaded because of their accident and your loss? The money finally has come in from the case settlement and the weight finally lifts! Or what if it’s the day your efforts finally pay off towards real intimacy and you can finally experience freedom?

Whatever that ‘end’ or relief looks like, just keep going. 

I’m pretty sure that even if we wanted to watch the leaves change before our eyes in the fall, we couldn’t. Same with staying still in our stories. It’s a real challenge and you may have to fight like your life depends on it, but stay in the story and see what God has around that bend. It could be awesome!!!


What “tunnel” are you in currently?  Has it been hard to encourage yourself to hang on till the end?  

What are you waiting for? 

Take some time to pray for the strength to stay in the story today. Remember, God will never allow you to be tempted in more than you can handle (because He is your strength!!). His grace is sufficient and his power is made perfect IN YOUR WEAKNESS. 


Lord, thank you for the strength you promise us when we are weak. God you know the reality of the tunnel I’m in today and I need your encouragement and hope that you ARE working on my behalf. Father, as I want to stay in the story, there are times it just feels too hard. So Lord, please encourage me.  Please show me someone or something by your word that gives me strength to keep the fight! I trust you are at work, so help me to choose this daily. Help me to turn to you when I am in the midst of temptation or thoughts of worry. Help me to turn my thoughts back to you knowing your grace is sufficient.  Thank you for the unlimited grace that you extend to us and thanks that we don’t have to have it all figured out. Thank you that we can rest in knowing that you are sovereign and you see the end of this tunnel, and the next. Thank you for loving us and for fighting our battles with and for us. Thank you for Jesus’ gift and sacrifice in fighting the ultimate battle for us so that we might have life everlasting.  Amen.

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