What Was Meant To Destroy You

“God will use the very thing that was meant to destroy you”  – 1 Samuel 17:1

It was in the valley where the battle was! The giant was there to taunt and haunt the warriors that could not defeat the Philistines. And yet there was a young man who not only was courageous enough to step forward for the role to kill this giant; but he rose to the occasion knowing his God would deliver him! 

As the story goes; the giant laughs at David and mocks him in his youth and ‘naivety’ from his perspective, but David knew something greater than Goliath & he proclaimed it just before he defeated him with merely a stone! David said “This day the Lord will deliver you into my hand… and all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel.” 1 Samuel 17:46

Facing giants in our lives is never easy, and those giants always seem to linger longer than we desire, if not attach themselves to us in hopes to swallow us alive. 

When the battle feels like it’s never ending; cry out to God who can deliver you in your valley! When the giant you face feels impossible to overcome; to gain leverage over; or to face; trust that the same God who aided David in defeating Goliath and the Philistines; is the same God who delivered David out of the paw of a lion and a bear, and the same God who delivered the Israelites from captivity. The same God delivered Daniel from the lion’s den, the blind man from darkness, the dead man from sleep, the woman from her past adulterous life, the gambler from his ways of cheating, the paralytic from his mat, and many many more…

GOD WILL deliver you!!!

Your greatest burdens that you can’t seem to let go and the very things you want to see righted! The most heart wrenching moments you assume forget? Even that very thing that the enemy meant to use to destroy you can be your platform!!! 

Those waves, that undoubtedly will throw you around if you let them, will slam you into THE Rock. He will be your strength and meet you in your storm.  And when you’re delivered from the trenches your story can be the very testimony or catalyst to reach others, propel you into your calling, deliver hope, breathe life and be used to redeem and restore others!!!

Don’t give up!

He is for you!

He sees you!

He will fight for you!

And if you let him; He will deliver you!! 


What burden or issue the world carries keeps you awake at night, wanting to fix or find a solution to ‘right the wrong’?  (ie. trafficking, bondage, domestic violence, crime, victimization, health fraud, insurance scams, the poor, the unloved, people on the streets, a community without hope, etc)  

What about your past?  What do you think God could use from YOUR story to help others?

What is causing you to pause?  Ask God to shed light into some places where you can start to explore what this looks like, and if you already know but need someone to ‘nudge’ you forward, consider this your ‘nudge.’


Lord, even if I have thought of the life I’ve lived and the things I’ve found myself in could shape my future, I don’t know that I’ve really thought how they could help establish my platform.  Knowing the very thing the enemy has used against me, whether that’s anger or violence or bondage or anxiety or even doubt or fear; help me to use those ‘things’ I’ve endured in my life to point back to you!  Give me a platform to shout your GLORY and show others the freedom I have found in you!  Lord, help me not to give up. God, show me things I need to see that would set me up for stepping into my calling.  Lord, continue to equip and empower me by your spirit and by your word. Put your angels of protection around me as I champion heaven and attempt to change the history of others and the attack the enemy has launched on others too. Lord, help me to see how you connect the dots. Show me what I’m not seeing and equip me to keep fighting. THANK you in advance for your delivery. NOTHING is too small for you, Jesus. Help me to rest knowing this too. Amen

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