Perseverance. Fight for it

Perseverance. Fight for it //  “You will never value what you don’t have to fight for” – unknown  

Challenged by this thought before me and finding myself agreeing with it wholeheartedly! Why is it the things that are the most valued in our lives are the things that accompany the most pain, blood, sweat or tears?! Probably because those are the visions, the people, the things you really got down and fought for! 

Whether it be in the time you spent on your knees praying for freedom or victory in your life or in a loved one’s life, the time and hard work you spent towards building a dream or chasing after a calling you couldn’t shake; or it was the commitment you took before one another to day in and day out “fight” for it. Even in the seemingly impossible, trust that nothing is impossible for God. The delay of a career and hitting wall upon wall in your pursuit.  The hope and journey towards freedom from that stronghold. The waiting of an adoption after years of not being able to get pregnant. The process of building a business. The waiting for the estranged son or daughter to call. The enduring of chronic illness.  Even the battle for health.  We CAN remain confident because in His word, His promise assures us that with God NOTHING is impossible and He is faithful to the end.  

Trust the Lord is still at work in the details my friend.  Instead of getting bogged down by the wait (or the weight) which is what the enemy will want you to focus on, start focusing on how BIG God is! I believe He has his reasons for wanting us to “fight” and I believe a big part of this is because of the quote above.  We truly will not value things we don’t fight for.  

Could you imagine if you got everything you wanted, how ‘appreciative’ you’d really be if it was just delivered upon desire?  Perhaps part of God’s reason for delays or reasons for wanting us to ‘fight’ for certain things is to perfect our character? Perhaps it’s to show Him how much we’re willing to go after that dream/vision/whatever the “it” is we feel called to?! Or perhaps it’s also to show and confirm within Your own mind just how much it means to YOU?!!

“Love patiently accepts all things. It always trusts, always hopes, and always endures.” – 1 Corinthians 13:7 NCV

Whatever it is…. remain steadfast in your fight!

It will be worth it!!


What are you “fighting” for right now? 

What is it that God wants you to see in the process of waiting/fighting for what’s on your heart? 

What other areas has God delivered answers on?  Try writing down places you’ve seen God show up and deliver on, before to encourage your current state.


Lord while I continue to come before you, presenting my requests, help me to see what you want me to see. Lord I realize that sometimes you don’t deliver us from pain, sickness, or a longing to be fulfilled overnight because you really do want us to FIGHT for what it is we’re asking for.  Lord I know that with you all things are possible.  I also know that in the waiting and what feels like suffering many times, you are producing endurance and character which eventually will also lead to hope.  God as long as I have hope I can get through anything. Let me remember your timing is greater than mine. Your reasons are far beyond what I know and to trust in your sovereign timing for these answers. Help me not to give up the fight and press on until the day of glory whether this side of heaven or upon stepping into eternity. Jesus thank you for hearing me and giving me strength to keep fighting for _____.  It’s in your name we pray, Amen. 

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