Remember: The One to follow      

When you walk with someone through your life, you get to know them better each day. So, how do you know Jesus better now that we’ve spent this time with Him? 

One on one we met the people God used to shape the backdrop of Jesus’ arrival as a man on earth. Do you spy the way God worked all things together? 

Of course, all of these people and events lead up to these last ones as we walked with Jesus on His way to the cross and the miraculous days following. What did you experience with Jesus during these days? 

Did you catch Mary of Bethany’s spirit of worship as she cracked open the exquisite vial of oil? Did her mingle of grief and love flowing down over Jesus’ head touch you, as it touched Him?

Perhaps you meet people like Pilate every day. They are convinced Jesus is more than a man, a good teacher, an icon of spirituality, but for fear of what it will cost are unwilling to enter into a personal relationship with Him. 

Or maybe you identify with Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea who counted the cost of standing with Jesus—of being His family—and found it to be worth every sacrifice. 

We can see ourselves in each encounter with Jesus—in the thief on the cross, in Barabbas, in Thomas. 

But of all the lessons and experiences, none could be more meaningful than being with Jesus Himself. What stirred your heart and your faith as you witnessed Him touching us, humbling Himself for us, sacrificing His life for us? That’s the real story of these 100 days. He loves us each, one by one. Intentionally. Personally. 

His very specific purpose in coming to us is to be our Savior. That’s true for His time on earth and it’s true today. And it’s not just past-tense in your life; He’s saving you today. He’s loving you today. Praying for you today. 

These 100 days with Jesus are complete, but how about extending them—just you, one on one with Him, for the rest of your life? That way, on that day when He welcomes you face to face into heaven, you’ll know your Savior as your Friend. 

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