Reunion: The One who made breakfast  

Our long look at Jesus’ life through the eyes of those He touched is coming to an end. It’s a story to keep reading for a lifetime—especially the Gospel of John. The disciple John wrote his gospel nearly 60 years after the events, so “that you may believe Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and believing you may have life in His name.” Mission accomplished? 

As we read John 21 today, you have to wonder if John remembered this last morning around the lake most fondly. You can’t miss the nostalgic details: the sunrise on the water. The smell of the fire. His familiar voice. The scars on His wrists. His slight smile at the number of fish reported in the net. His private conversations . . . 

These are hinge days—in-between Jesus’ resurrection and the beginning of a new season in history. Jesus will return to heaven in a couple days. If success was left up to the disciples, Christianity would have dried up and died in a couple weeks. 

But history testifies that’s not what happened. The disciples, along with Jesus’ mom and brothers, formed the core of 120 people who could not and would not deny something supernatural happened because of Jesus’ life, death, resurrection and ascension. Even better, something supernatural sparked in them when they believed He was Messiah, Savior, Lord . . . God! 

When John remembered that morning with Jesus, you have to wonder if he also recalled the faces of that team around the breakfast fire who each gave his life for Jesus. All of them transformed—one day they were hiding and denying they even knew Jesus—to the next when they ran with the good news to the four corners of the known world. 

What happened to them? Just this: God’s power filled these uneducated, unsophisticated, insecure followers of Jesus. Because of His Spirit living in them, Acts 17:6 says, “they turned the world upside down.”

And the world is still spinning upside down, thanks to Jesus’ life working in us today. “Go—tell people about Me,” He said as He kicked off the earth a couple days later. 

You’ve heard many one-on-one stories about Jesus. Did you know you have your own story, too? Go write it on the hearts of everyone you meet. Look for opportunities to share history’s most amazing true story—and the supernatural thing that’s happened to you, too. Ask God to fill You with His Spirit every day, and point you in the direction of people who need Jesus and directions for the way home.

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  1. ‘Walk in the light,’ with him.

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    • Wonderful insight brother. Many claim to walk in the light. Your words ‘with him’ is whats makes the difference. Not on our own.
      God Bless


      • Yes, not on my own, although I do my share of murmuring and resisting. Thankfully, ‘it is God which works in me both to will and to do!’ He puts everything in my “sense field.” In my path.


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