The Cross: The One who reminds us of the cross   

When the unthinkable becomes reality, it takes the perspective of another world to make it beautiful. That’s the cross. On our soil, it speaks of injustice, suffering—a good life cut short. But to you who believe, who are learning to breath another air, the cross is precious because of what it means. The impact of the cross is layered and nuanced and will take a million years or more to understand. But we can begin here and now. 

Ask the Lord to show you, what does Your cross mean to me? 

1.  If it is comfortable for me, easy to wear around my neck or hang on my walls, remind me of the offense of Your cross.

2.  Every time I take my sin lightly, remind me what the cross cost You. 

3.  Every time I carry my own burden, remind me that Your cross is my rescue.

4.  When I struggle with a wrong that needs righted, or a loss to be redeemed, remind me Your cross bridges the distance. 

5.  When today isn’t enough to satisfy this eternity in my heart, remind me what Your cross promises. 

6.  If I refuse to accept Your forgiveness and carry my guilt instead, remind me why the cross was the only way to God.

7.  If I fear I’ve gone too far to be saved and doubt if you can keep me saved, remind me of the safety of Your cross. 

8.  In case the horrors of Calvary overwhelm me, remind me of Your joy in the cross. 

9.  Someday when I stand forgiven, complete, and accepted before God, I will remember Your cross for its beauty. 

10.  And on that day when every knee bows and every tongue confesses You are Lord, Jesus, I won’t hide my eyes from Your scars. 

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