God by our side

18th century writer Samuel Johnson said: “People need reminders more often than instructions.” Learning new things keeps us in shape and helps us get better. But there is so much that we have already studied, but do not apply or do not remember. One of the things we need to keep in mind is how close God is to us. Here are some hopeful truths to learn:

There is no place where He would not be present before us. He is in our past, in our present and in our future at the same time. He rejoices in us, rewards us, blesses us, and pours out His forgiveness and grace on us every day throughout the day. On top of all the good things, there is no tragedy that we face, the hardships we experience, and the calamity that we experience, where God would not be there, firmly supporting us with His mighty, righteous and perfect hand.

When you feel lonely and ask yourself where is God, know that He is around you, above you, behind you, in your midst, in front of you, below you, next to you, after you, for you and within you. He is everywhere, all the time. Always and forever He is with us.

If you feel fear and ask yourself why God will not take it away from you, know that He gave you not a spirit of fear, but strength, love and sanity. And nothing can separate us from His love and presence. Always and forever He is with us.

If you are sick and do not understand why God does not heal you, know that He is still the Great Physician and Yahweh Rafa, the God who heals. Your timing may not match His timing, but rest assured that He is doing the work in and through you. Always and forever He is with us.

There is nothing we have to face that God has not yet overcome. And not only won, but completely destroyed on our behalf, placing Jesus on the cross to cover our past, present and future sins. Always and forever He is with us.

In any dangerous situation He is with you.
When you feel like your life is spiraling out of control, He is with you.
When you can’t see anything even one step ahead, He is with you.

There are many alternatives that urge us to trust them, hope in them, and seek joy in them. These temporary joys and pleasures cannot be compared to the eternal, endless presence of our Almighty God, who calls us His children. His presence is a reward. This is what we will get forever.

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