Unknown treasures

A wealthy man from England died and left his nephew the bulk of his estate. In today’s money, it was equivalent to around five million dollars. The only problem was that the young man had traveled to America years before and disappeared. Scotland Yard was called in to investigate. Eventually, they found the young man – lying frozen in the doorway of a cheap hotel. He didn’t have the twenty-five cents for a hotel room, yet he was literally a millionaire.

Many Christians live their lives like this. They live like beggars and paupers when they are an heir of the God Who owns the cattle on a thousand hills. They don’t, however, need to live like this because they have the Lord on their side.

Joshua and Caleb believed and trusted the Lord. They agreed that it would be a huge undertaking to enter the Promised Land and conquer the mighty inhabitants, but they also knew that with God on their side, they would be victorious. Because of their faith, Joshua and Caleb were able to enter the Promised Land.

Even though Joshua was a man of faith, I’m sure he was still afraid. I am sure that many years later, when it was time to cross the Jordan River and start taking the land, he had many doubts and questions. He overcame that fear by trusting that if the Lord was the One Who put the obstacle in his path, then the Lord was going to help him overcome that obstacle.

Life is never going to be exempt of things that we fear. The most successful people in the world are the ones who have many insecurities and fears, yet still move forward in spite of those fears. It is the confidence of knowing that we serve a living God Who is powerful and mighty and He wants to help us.

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