Fear, Worry and Insecurity

We serve a God Who will never allow something major in our lives that can’t help us. He won’t allow any tragedy into our lives that can’t be used for our benefit. He can take something that is terrible and work it out to where it is a blessing in the long run. We often cannot see that in the short-term, but it is a truth that we find in Scripture. 

Life is full of epic challenges and obstacles, and we must find ways to overcome them. Some obstacles in life are small and easy, but some may seem nearly impossible. Life’s obstacles can bring fear. When we come to those obstacles and they look scary, we may wonder how in the world we can possibly conquer them. 

Often, God will give us things in life to test us. Such testing is designed for us to be strengthened. Every time we do any type of exercise, we are strengthening our bodies. We actually strengthen our muscles by tearing them down. Most exercises are developed in a way that tears down so that our bodies can rebuild stronger. That’s the whole purpose of a test or exercise, and such is the same in our spiritual lives. 

God will send testing our way. If we can work through it and get over the obstacles, it will strengthen us so that next time we will be able to do something greater.

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