It’s easy to trust God when things are going according to our plan for ourselves, but when the plan begins to deviate and we feel like we’re underwater, we begin to sink. The problem is not when things go wrong but when things go well. Our complacency in accepting good times without any expression of gratitude and acknowledgement that God provides. The only time we turn to God is when things falter and we pray dillegently.

Many of us begin living within a caccoon and avoid the world around us. We become numb to the world and it surroundings. We keep everyone out of our sphere. We call ourselves good Christians and proclaim righteousness. We forget that we are living the final few steps of this existence and we as Christians are called to proclaim outwardly the Kingdom to come.

Outwardly in our lifestyles and behaviour. In humble, compassionate and caring nature we proclaim the essence of God within us. We cannot keep the world out but we cannot allow ourselves to be apart of its secular, pluralistic and materialistic existence. We are called to be holy and beacons of hope to those who are lost within this subjective reality.

We put up a shield so that we don’t get hurt, but we are only casting out God and hurting ourselves. Proverbs 3:5 which tells us to “Trust in the LORD with all your heart; and lean not to your own understanding” is a great reminder to let go of self, the thoughts in our head that allow us to believe our plan is greater than God’s, because these are the thoughts that sabotage us and will only lead us astray. We should trust God, even when we don’t understand His greater purpose for our lives.

Scripture can encourage us when we feel completely overwhelmed. Who better to trust in than God. Psalm 56:8 tells us that God not only see our tears, He collects them. This means he cares about your worry, your anxiety, your fears, your pain more than you can comprehend. You just have to trust that God will hold your hand through every circumstance.

If we are objectively anchored in God’s absolutes, whatever happens to our bodies is immaterial; it is our spiritual essence that matters. We know when we die we return to our beginnings from the dirt we once came from. So keep your heart and soul fixed on building our spirituality and looking forward to the Kingdom to come.

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  1. Such A beautiful lines in this post 👌🙏🌷

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