Day After…..Easter

Each year we proclaim the joyous celebration of the resurrection. One day out of a whole year we flamboyantly sing and praise the realization that Jesus has risen. Death has been defeated and for 40 days He walked amongst man as a testimony to those who saw to proclaim for the generations to come.

The realization of His selfless act on our behalf to redeem our broken state and offer His life as a substitute for ours. His time on earth; he gave us proof and revelation of His divine state in human form. He brought the light into our darkened world to light up every craverse of our darkness.

Ironically, for us, the day after, we plunge ourselves back into our secular existence and put aside His death and resurrection. How complacent and foolish we are in our justified existence of pluralism and secularism. A world devoid of any moral compass and spinning within a realm of self existence.

How much longer can we continue to exist within our blinded debauchery, when the moral standard has been revealed by God Himself in human form. Worldviews exist within precepts that accommodate our selfish needs and avoiding accountability. Accountability that is unavoidable and condemned since we have no testimony to show otherwise. The dead stay dead and none have risen to offer the truth.

Or has it? When history stands testimony of a man, who died on a hill on cavalry and many who testified to his resurrection. Not one or two but hundreds who testified to witnessing his footsteps after his death.

A moral standard shown in His life lived and our continued defiance to avoid the truth. This is exactly where humanity is journeying by creating truths of selfish convenience.

I am the truth, the life and the way. Seek His Word and find comfort in the truth in Him. No other way offers the truth to our sinful nature and our accountability except through the TRUTH of Jesus Christ. Only through Jesus Christ can we be saved.

Easter is not one day in a year but a day as a reminder to the rest of the year of our Lord. To bring every moment in our life, a journey with our Lord. To never set aside our objective morals and spiritual well being. To seek the divine absolute, to proclaim and worship Him.


through whom all things were made right

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