Not My Will

In today’s passage, we read one of the bravest prayers ever prayed: not my will, Lord, but Yours be done. On the opposite side of that, we read of an underwhelming choice by the disciples. Overcome by full bellies and the Passover wine, they slept.

Jesus was a stone’s throw away pouring His heart out, but they zoned out and slept.

Have you ever done that? Attempted to zone out during a storm in your life, hoping it will pass you by? I know I have.

In times of stress or confusion, we often avoid the very things that would bring us rest and peace. 

I’ve wondered what would’ve changed if the disciples had been able to enter into a time of prayer with Jesus instead of falling asleep. Would they have been better prepared for the spiritual and emotional turmoil of the next few days? Would they have found the strength to stay by Jesus’ side? Would they have been able to encourage one another?

While we may never know the answers to these questions, it’s clear they missed an opportunity in the garden. We can take a cue from their missed opportunity and press into prayer when life is pressing in on us.

I am confronted with a challenge now in my own life when I feel the Lord prompting me to pray over a specific area in my life. I am challenged to say that being able to pray has helped me focus on the Lord comfort. Whatever develops over the next few months will be a test of my attitude and emotions. Knowing that through prayer the Lord is paving my steps and conforring me is of great comfort.

Are life’s circumstances pressing in on you? Do you feel the Lord calling you to prayer? I would encourage you to take heed of those promptings and don’t miss those moments to meet with the Lord. Pour out your heart to Him. And may our lives echo the words of Jesus: “Not my will but Yours be done.”

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