The Wilderness

I stared at my computer with distraught and an aching heart. It seems like the whole world was against me. All week I studied and reread all my seminary notes in preparation for my exam. So much had happened and was not sure where and what the Lord wanted me to do anymore.

As I bowed my head in prayer and tears rolled down my face. “Dear Lord, I know the hurdles I have to cross and challenges I have to face but please Lord, tell me if I am walking the path you want me to. If I fail this test now, I will gladly accept it as a revelation to move away from seminary and seek the true path you will reveal to me.”

I opened my test and prepared for the inevitable. There was one question, only one. “Did I watch all the course videos and submitted my book review and research paper. Answer was yes or No. I clicked on Yes.

What an answer! If that wasn’t a clear answer from the Lord, then I must be deaf.

When I had read Luke 4:1-2, there were several concepts that I could not reconcile with my previous assumptions about God which brought me understanding through this experience.

  • Jesus was full of the Spirit, yet God still led Him into the wilderness. I’ve often found myself believing that as long as I did my part, I could count on God to do His. With that mindset, “good deeds” were actually premiums for a cosmic insurance policy. How could someone be full of the Spirit and still find themselves in the wilderness?
  • Jesus was full of the Holy Spirit, yet He was tempted. Most of my mechanisms for dealing with temptation were designed to keep me close to God. That, I thought, would force Satan to stay away. Jesus lived a sinless life, yet still faced temptations.
  • God was the one who brought Jesus to the wilderness. How could a loving Father take the hand of His trusting, innocent Son and deliberately lead Him into the wilderness to face temptation?

Many of our assumptions about God have more to do with who we want Him to be, than who He actually is. Sometimes, it is our false assumptions that actually prevent us from moving forward.  If you find yourself lost in the wilderness, scared and disoriented, always remember to hold on to what we know is true from God’s word. God promised to “never leave you, nor forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5). Trust His Word. Lean on Him. No matter what your situation is, you are not alone. 

This world is a distraction from our souls. We are buried deep by the secular and pluralistic influences that we forget that we are never alone. The weight breaks us apart and we feel abandoned and alone.

The reality is we are never alone. We need to submit our pains and sufferings to the Lord and seek the comfort in Him. The greatest comfort through any trying times is knowing that you are not alone. Challenges are there to direct along paths that bring peace and comfort. Do not conform to this world but to the Lord. Allow yourself to be released from it’s burdens and embrace the comfort of His loving grace

The Lord will reveal if only if we listen. Oh! what a journey he has waiting for you.

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