Is Determinism the True Nature of Reality?

The God of the Bible has some of the same attributes of Aristotle’s “unmoved mover” and many, if not all, of the attributes cited by great philosophers and theologians such as Augustine, Aquinas, and Anselm. In order to grasp that kind of God, you may need to renew your mind. If you are used to conceiving of God as a big angel or an old man in the sky, then drop the word God for a minute and simply think of the God of the Bible as the Source and Sustainer of all things. The Source and Sustainer of all things is:

▶️ Self-existing: not caused by another; the foundation of all being
▶️ Infinite: unlimited; the completely maximized or actualized Being
▶️ Simple: undivided in being; is not made up of parts
▶️ Immaterial: spirit; not made of matter
▶️ Spaceless: transcends space
▶️ Timeless: transcends time; eternal; had no beginning and will have no end
▶️ Omnipotent: all-powerful; can do whatever is logically possible
▶️ Omnipresent: everywhere present
▶️ Omniscient: all-knowing; knows all actual and possible states of affairs
▶️ Immutable: changeless; the anchor and standard by which everything else is measured
▶️ Holy: set apart; morally perfect; is perfectly just and loving
▶️ Personal: has mind, emotion, and will; makes choices.

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