The future must be more than an institutional pilgrimage; it must be a spiritual one. Our past has sometimes focused on convincing the head instead of turning the heart. Both are needed. We want to have right doctrine because we want to obey our Father, but doctrine must translate into life. Too often, we have been content with restoring the church’s structure and have neglected the weightier matters of justice, mercy, and faithfulness.

As 2020 draws to a close, we are burdened by what 2021 has revealed. As Christians the revelation of God’s plan, no matter how incoherent it is in our eyes, we must continue to allow our faith in God to light our path each day. Many have had their lives ripped apart, and simplistic words can never bring comfort and solace to their souls. The agony of pain and suffering within us, test our fortitude and faith, but we must never give up. Each event fortifies our resolute to God. Whether, revealing our shortfalls or opening new avenues or just strengthening our reserve to fight onwards, against the forces of evil surrounding us.

Even within this realm, satan stand all-powerful and the battle between good and evil persist as we come closer to the closing verses of God’s revelation to us. However, there is more. That promise is the goal in our lives that allows us to fight onward and forward. It is that promise that God revealed in Eden, in the desert, through the judges, kings and prophets and ultimately in God Himself. It is God Himself that brought the light into this world that illuminates that darkness within our souls. It is that light that we look towards as we continue our journey.

As faithful followers in Jesus, never forget the example He has shown us. Proclaim His word, show compassion to the weak and suffering, not simple words or the safety of our intellect but to embrace the pain and suffering of those around us. The same way Jesus Christ embraced this world’s brokenness and did not wave a magic wand and made everything better but took upon Himself to embrace the ultimate pain and suffering to justify our redemption to His Kingdom.

For example, every lesson revealed that we openly challenge ourselves to live by and not only to live by but also to be the beacons for all the others to see. To see the light of Jesus shining through us that we can conquer the darkness and defeat the evil one.

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