It’s interesting that every time I think I am prepared to pen my thoughts on my next article, something occurs that makes me rethink my approach. The conclusions remain the same, but the approach differs. When we are dealing with such an in-depth topic of the human condition, I believe that the subject matter itself outweighs a simple approach to this subject. We must be careful that what is being said supports the topic clearly. There is no easy approach to looking at what makes us human.

As we look at each one of these reasons, we shall apply a coherent approach that will offer ideas along a simple outline. I admit firsthand that the topic calls for a much more in-depth approach. As we dwell further into these topics about Humanity, I will be presenting more of my thoughts on each of the subjects. So now we will look at the topic under the heading of Purpose. We looked at the Creation briefly in the last article – Behold The Man 2. There we skimmed the surface of that topic, and we will definitely return to it at a later date to discuss it with more depth. Nevertheless, now I like to talk about purpose and what it all means. If we accept that creation was not by chance, and it was part of a grand scheme, then whoever or whatever that propagated this creation would have a purpose. Since humanity is the pinnacle of creation, then that will be the focus of this article. Why were we created or non-believers, why are we here? Atheist and Naturalist, conclude that we have no purpose and that our existence is non-consequential, we are born, we live, and we die. To accept that premise literally devalues the whole idea of self-worth. Can we then conclude that all Atheist and Naturalist are worthless and have non-intrinsic value? No, we can’t because most of them believe on the platform of freedom of speech, freedom to do anything within the confines of authoritarian laws. Nevertheless, that in itself is a contradiction of their own premise. If you proclaim that life does not have a purpose and the definitions of good and evil are irrelevant, then why continue to exist. If you accept their premise, then any acceptance of authoritarian rule would be irrelevant, and anarchy would ultimately consume. You cannot disregard Purpose and accept authoritarian rule. Under authoritarian rule, you submit your existence to an authority who has a purpose, which is created by man. The reason behind the nonacceptance of purpose in the life is that by accepting purpose would conclude that there is a purpose, and the purpose for existence would have to be linked to a transcendent divine moral foundation. This argument will be further supported in my next article.

Creation, Purpose, Morals and Destiny and linked. To have one without the other does not complete the answer to our existence and ultimately defines our self-worth. Purpose in life is the reason why we are here. We are not here to fill space. Whoever or whatever that created us had a purpose. We exist for an end. There is a purpose for our existence. A crude example is when you decide to construct a house. You do not construct a house to watch it fall over time. We construct or create for a purpose. Maybe to live in, or sell, or rent, investment, Etc. However, there is a conscious decision to create for a reason or purpose. A purpose only the creator would know. Therefore if we accept that, then we need to understand what that purpose each of us has inherited, that gives us value and self-worth.

We cannot dwell within a realm that was created with such precision for no reason at all. If we accept that, we can assume that we were created as guardians to maintain and care for this created realm, then a purpose is defined. However, humanity has evolved within this creation. It has expanded throughout the corners of this globe and is about to step outside the confines of our planet. Does that mean our purpose has been eliminated?

As humanity evolves and develops their social and mental capabilities, we start to disassociate our place among ourselves. We place levels of individual values of discrimination. We see ethnic, cultural, religious, and race bias being embedded into our values. We allocate society standards of contribution and worth. We dictate apartheid styled, religious, ethnic, monetary value system on our fellow humans—values created by a man who imposes their own concepts and authoritarian control on humanity. We but have to look at history, and we see a platitude of examples of humanity authoritarian enforcement on fellow human beings.

Josef Stalin was a seminarian who studied religious doctrines to become a man of God. He left the monastery and ultimately became the leader of the USSR (Soviet Union). A nation that covers 2 continents. He brought it to its knees. He killed 18 million of his fellow Soviets. When a foreign diplomat asked him about the atrocities, he took a live chicken and denuded it and placed it on the floor. He walked 5 paces away and held out a piece of bread, and the chicken came up to his pant leg, and Stalin bent over and handed the morsel of bread, and the chicken ate from his hand. He looked up and said, here is your answer when you torture enough people, and they will all follow me for food.

Isn’t it ironic that in today’s society, we have become enthralled by the wonders of human achievements that we have become slaves to the elite few that control these idols of society? We have lost our purpose in life. I watch with utmost horror of the devastation happening in China with the virus outbreaks and watch with disbelief how so many people across the globe have made such unfeeling and disgusting comments about their sufferings. People from all walks of life and religious beliefs. The inhuman comments that are being made.

This disaster is proof that there are so many out there that have lost any purpose in life and would cast inhumane comments to others. It saddens me to the core. Humanity has lost all-purpose. Nevertheless, at the same breath, there are many who without any restriction portray decent humanistic concern to the inflicted. Humanity has spiralled down a road filled with human-made beliefs that the world is theirs, and their values have been drowned in a self-righteous attitude towards their fellow man. How long will this last? Our purpose in life is clear. We exist not for our own self-preservation but the preservation of humanity itself. We exist for a purpose that is built on a foundation of tolerance, humility and love for one another. Don’t allow our purpose in life be marred by the few who feed on the suffering and displaced, poor and the many with no voice to be heard. The purpose is grounded in Life existence and with the acceptance of all humanity as a family. Don’t let authoritarian rule separate us from one another. I watch many religious followers from different world views establish incredible support among themselves. Just imagine if that support was garnered together to include every human being on the face of this planet. Poverty, Pain, Suffering, illiteracy, education and many others would be brought down or eliminated.

When you look at purpose in life and ask ourselves why we were created and what is our purpose. I believe that this is the No 1 reason we exist that once humanity has learned to love and care for one another, will we then have that purpose. From that, can we have a Moral foundation that we can build upon?

And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. Matt 22:37 and a second is like it: You shall love your neighbour as yourself. Matt 22:39

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