One of the most philosophical questions we look at is the reasons worldviews seek to find authenticity to its doctrines. The word doctrine in itself reveals caution as it associates itself in convincing people to accept the authenticity to its view. If that was the case, then, all worldviews are valid within their ideologies. It is true when there is no grounding in its historical authenticity or any evidence otherwise. Even with its authenticity is the historical revelation, we must take a step further to ask ourselves whether it provides logic within its doctrines. We can all claim doctrines, but unless its conclusions are logically coherent, then all we need is a good salesman.

Get anyone to stand on a pulpit and preach a dominant theme that is pleasing to the masses, and we have gotten ourselves a new following. The human mind is desperate for an answer, and when answers fit within a precept that meets our needs, then we are a believer. Isn’t that what all religious worldviews cater. Proclaiming much-needed personifications of our desires that we see massive followings emerge.

All but one. There is one worldview that ridicules us. Who we are and what we are. Many seek reasons outside themselves to deny any existence of a creator. Many prostrate in blind obedience to a belief that we need to do more good than bad to have any meaningful presence before ‘their’ Creator or some eliminate the world essence of a creator and look at life as a process of reaching a state that brings oneness to the world around them by eliminating the very essence of the brokenness of the world around them. A strange concept that focusses on eliminating ourself into the natural broken state of the world around them of which they are trying to escape.

The one worldview that looks at our inner self and reveals the brokenness within ourself. We continuously seek to point ourselves outwardly, righteously forget that it is within ourselves that we have a fix before we look outwardly. A worldview that points at us as the problem.

The worldview that has revealed the Creator through the millennia and Interacts with His creation, exposing fallenness in us. Their fallenness caused not by a defective creation but by the perfection of His creation that reveals the real brokenness of their fallen nature. In all essence, was created in His image and likeness to choose freely to make their choices that are pure and true to the ‘imago Dei’.

Until we can come to terms that the brokenness in us, and need to accept that reality, we can never be apart of any future. No matter how much good we force ourselves to do, we are never walking in a path of humility to our Creator and more importantly walking in need of His grace.
Only in accepting our inability to stand correct, can we fully appreciate that our Creator took upon Himself to stand judgement for our iniquities. To give His life to save ours from eternal damnation.

It is only in the revelation of the reality of our need for saving, forgiveness and grace can we have any hope to any future.

Only in Jesus Christ.

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