Don’t you just wish sometimes that life had an instruction manual? Well, actually God has given us one. It’s called The Bible; it’s our guide and source as we follow Jesus.

Many in life are looking for answers to life’s big questions of purpose and value, and all of that is in the Bible. God’s word has been given to us for our benefit. Jesus says when we build our life on His word, our life will stand strong no matter what comes our way.

Too many people’s lives are destroyed when we choose to do the opposite of what’s in the Bible. Everything in the Bible is for your good and benefit, and when we read it and then ultimately start doing what it says, our life begins to grow and thrive in all areas.

The fact that you’re reading this devotional means that you’re attempting to dig into the Bible.  So keep it up, over time you’ll see your life be transformed into a life full of peace, strength and purpose that can only come from following the principles and truth in God’s word.

Action: Read The Bible and fully obey what God says.

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