TRUST IN GOD – His call to ministry

The purposes of God are the actual reality in the spiritual life. The purpose of God’s will is what controls everything (Eph. 1:11) in light of eternity (Eph. 3:11). God called us to a holy life based on his purpose and grace, and it is that purpose to which we are called that verse 28 invites our submission.

Our new life in the Spirit, based on God’s good purposes for our lives, and that includes suffering. The suffering (v. 17) and groaning (v. 22) that Paul has been discussing are in view in verse 28. When we find ourselves in trying circumstances in life, we can know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love him, who, called according to his purpose. Read literally, and it is easy to see why some consider this the most significant verse in Scripture. It tells us that nothing happens outside of God’s plan for our good.

The role of God in accomplishing his purposes, “All things” can be taken either as the subject, as in KJV; “all things work together” or as the object NIV, “in all things God works”; NASB, “God causes all things to work.” As the subject, “all things” are in control, and while they end happily, they do so seemingly in and of themselves. When God is the subject, he causes all things to work together for good. In other words, there is no doubting the outcome’s ultimate good.The reason is that God and his purpose are the controlling elements of the verse. Paul is subordinating all things to the purpose of God, regardless of how it writes in verse.

Therefore when we look around us, the lack of anticipating or conviction amongst our many brothers and sisters, we should not be disheartened but accept God as being in control. If we lose our faith in God’s actions over our surroundings, we are not committed to his ministry. Who but God himself would choose those who would glorify him.

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