We convince ourselves to the pleasures of this world. We allow the exploitation of our souls by the unscrupulous vices that only titillate of deep recesses of our subconscious. Pleasures that only offer fantasies that can never be fulfilled by the reality around us. We consume the illicit pleasure that fills our insatiable desire to please ourselves. But never satisfying. We search and search and dwell more in-depth into the darkest corners of the immoral. Always searching a satisfaction that we convince ourselves is needed but never knowing it will satisfy. When ultimately we realise that nothing of this world can satisfy that emptiness of Love.

We forget the transcendent Love that is the only piece of that puzzle. That completes that longing needs in our souls. There is only one spiritual world believe that offers that oneness. Built on forgiveness of sins, not on our attempts to seek good works to hide our sins. No pure loving God can accept sin. If we believe that then, who will set a standard of differentiating sin? No sins are forgiven. There is one God whose relationship has been steadfast and unwavering. Look to the God that will fill that void in our lives and who gave us but one path in salvation and forgiveness of our sins. Only one God can fill it. Seek with our hearts and love, and we will find it.

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