We live our lives in an illusion that everything around us is perfect. We wear a mask to hide our emptiness within us. We convince ourselves that we are the masters of our existence. We bury our weariness and unsettling souls with an outward illusion that we are happy and perfect, even in the joys of Love. When we know the commitment and fulfilment in our partner, we convince ourselves that it completes our mission in life. Love no matter how perfect will always have times when we contemplate that feeling that something is missing. Each day there is a nagging feeling that something missing, that does not make us feel completely loved or whether that person we have partnered is genuinely our life long partner. Whether there was someone else out there, there is always that doubt, but we push it aside and accept it as part of life. Our life, but then we search and explore every materialistic avenue for completeness but still walk away wanting.

Who, What, Why, When and Where is it?

Who is it? Who in this materialistic world that we exist in can fill that void in our life.

What is it? Is it Love, desire, wants, pleasures in this world around us that can stimulate our senses and complete us?

Why is it? We question why is this emptiness plaguing us constantly. We think we have uncovered all.

When is it? Is it something from our past that has left a mark in our life? Something that had given us pleasure and fulfilment and we have forgotten what it was.

Where is it? We push ourself fervently to find this missing piece in our life. We embark on a quest looking for it. A void that tears our soul apart in silence. We embark on a blind quest to answer those questions. We lose ourselves in searching for any avenue to complete our need to have completeness in our life.

The one missing element that would make our life complete! All the wealth and successes never seemed enough. We have seen the wealth indulged in frivolous endeavours and extravagant expenditures in hobbies, pleasures, travels, cars, boats, anything their material wealth can afford when the answer is the reality that humanity will never fulfil. The one-piece to our fulfilment is in the one true Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We can find answers that complete us, to our destiny, with the Father, cleansing sins and, redemption from the Son, power, strength from the Holy Spirit.
No other religious worldview offers this truth.

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