Are we burdened by the challenges of the world around us? We seem lost and desperate and disillusioned.
Where is God? Why are we suffering, and how do we get through this?
It is because we are aware and in his grace that we feel and know the desperation in our souls. It is the light that God brings to us to reveal our senses to our surroundings. We become aware, and we hurt, and we suffer.
Would we rather walk through life oblivious to everything and disregarding it all and accepting it blindly as part of life and its consequences.
Maybe we feel the evil, and the pain, the suffering and the desolation is God’s way of telling us that He is there.
He is telling us to seek Him and to follow Him.
We think its His fault but is it really when we never realize it is ours when we avoid accountability and recourse.

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