There is a document that was written 55 – 112 AD, (approximately 22 – 81 years after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ)

It was written by a Roman Senator, Cornelius Tacticus, non-Christian scholar and documented the death of Jesus Christ and the persecution of the early Christians. It is confirmed that Jesus was executed by the order of the Roman governor of Judea. Josephus, who was a Talmud, Jewish historian during the time of Jesus too, documented the event as well. Two non-Christians wrote about the event and documented this as a historical event.

Then we have the New Testament documents that affirm the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Not just the writers of the Gospels but hundreds of other eyewitnesses who have testified. The apostles who in their faith gave their lives to their testimony of the risen Christ. It was no dream, It was no hallucination. They were eyewitness to his life and his miracles, until his death. Lost and alone they became an eyewitness to his resurrection. You cannot deny the truth anymore.

Don’t let misguided teachings and beliefs of man, destroy the truth that has been always there. The same truth that has stood through time and persecution. The same truth that stands before you now. We do not or need to to change the truth. It is the testimony of history itself that stands witness to it We are all children of our Father in heaven. I do not gain any more than I have. My faith in God and the promises of his salvation is all I live by. I do not get a medal or any extra blessings. I lose more in the heartache of losing my friends, family members, brother and sisters. For you are all my family. Destroy the body and all I have is my soul.



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