“The imagination can perhaps be excused if it daydreams now and then, that is if it does not cautiously hold itself inside the limits of experience; for it will at least be enlivened and strengthened through such free flight, and it will always be easier to moderate its boldness than to remedy its languor. That the understanding, however, which is supposed to think, should instead of that daydream – for this it can never be forgiven; for all assistance in setting bounds, where needed, to the revelry of the image depends on it alone.”

Immanuel Kant

As much as we dwell in our thoughts and desires to wander to the far reaches of our imagination, we are still bound by the limits of our moral boundaries that prevent us from making those crucial choices.

Don’t allow our reasons for our promiscuous thoughts undermine our morals. For every wrong deed executed, there has always been that instantaneous individualistic moment that questions your actions. The defence of involuntary action is just a defence to find an excuse for a momentary lapse in judgement. But even that lapse is a cause or an event that resulted from a choice. How does a court determine justice when a defence of mental lapse is presented? Whatever the crime was, no person could have been privy to it except the perpetrator.

I beg to defer on such a defence as only a ruse to offer an alternative to a predetermined act. An act that leads to the result. Accidents that occur, like a wrong turn on a road that leads to vehicular homicide, is still argued as involuntary. Strange isn’t it when the choice was still made to make the illegal turn. I am not a legal expert and I am not offering a legal discourse. I am making a point to support my argument based on our choices.

The question arises whether there was an intent to cause harm. I am sure when we made the illegal turn there was no intent to cause an accident. But here is the moral question. We allowed our objective moral choices to be sidelined to make the illegal turn. Which lead to an accident as an outcome.

What am I driving at? The point is that we allow ourselves to fall in a quandary of our desires within this secular world that feeds on our moral choices. It tempts and lures us into a false comfort of materialistic and desires of the flesh that make us ignore our moral boundaries

These decisions are the first steps along a road that leads ultimately to that accident. Sometimes never realizing that first choice was the catalyst into our depravities that lead us to the accident.

Involuntary? I don’t think so.

Now, why even allow ourselves that wrong choice to make when we are given that freedom to choose when God Himself gave is that moral essence in choosing the right way. Don’t blame anyone but yourselves for all the agony when that accident finally occurs.

Seek that objective moral absolute that is part of our very essence of being human.

God Bless

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